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Shall I summon to mine aid that god at whose dread name earth trembles?


About Me

I tend to speak of serious topics in not-so-serious ways. Laughing has always made vulnerability easier for me to cope with. Having said that- the passion and devotion I feel towards my practice cannot be put into words. It is a source of inspiration, resilience, and hunger; it is what drives me forward.

Above all, I am determined to live in a way that is pleasing to the spirits I work with, and which honors them and conveys the boundless gratitude I feel for their presence and influence in my life.

On My Practice

A desire to understand existing canon, as well as the cultural, historical, and social context through which my spirits have engaged in the physical world is something that I aim to carefully balance with spirit-acquired knowledge.

These are the foundational components to my spiritual practice. It is through these two things that I am able to grow ever-closer to my spirits, experience their nature, and achieve the communion I seek with the divine. 



This blog is meant to be a record of my progress and thoughts on a myriad of occult topics that I feel drawn to.